Mark James Creative is a company based on ideas. We develope new product ideas or re-invent old products for a wide variety of markets and businesses. When we are not working for other companies we develope products under our brand and market them. Our company was founded in 2013 by Mark Bechard. Since the beginning of the company in November 2013 Mark James Creative has produced over 25 produces for retail sales. Currently several ideas are in the process of gaining patents for product protection.

Under the Mark James Creative product line are the Gourmet Signature Sauces, Beef Jerky, Beef Sticks and Trail Mix. Several new flavors for the Beef Stick line have been created, putting the total to 13 flavors. The Trail Mix falls into the Snack Shack catagory, which is the latest creation and addition to the line of products. S'mores Ball just recently joined the Snack Shack list along with Ultimate Malted Milk Balls and Tiramisu Caramels.

Now Mark James Creative is a proud member of both The Better Business Bureau and Something Special From Wisconsin. We believe that the standards established from both groups fit in with the standards of Mark James Creative and we follow those standards daily.

Janet Bechard
Co-Owner, Sales Rep
Janet does a lot of the sales calls and helps in product promotions.
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