About Us

My name is Mark. I am the owner of Mark James Creative Brands, LLC. I started this business in November  2013 because of my love and passion for business, and I have an over-active mind that's always coming up with new and great ideas. Some of them work and some of them fail. But I never stop being Creative. My wife Janet jumped on board after we developed our first product.

Now our first product was Mark James Black Signature Sauce. That took a lot of testing and tinkering with the recipe until it was perfect. And even then we continued to play with it after production started. We decided to spice things up a bit so we added some extra cayenne pepper to our Black sauce and there was the new Mark James Red Signature Sauce.

We had the chance to hang out on a Sunday afternoon with the band Saving Abel. I always carry those sauces with me and I introduced the guys from the band to them. Scott Bartlett loved them and said we needed to get a hotter version of that sauce, more than the Red. We added Scotch Bonnet peppers to our Black sauce and the result was Mark James Sweet N Sassy.

Scott says 'You need to get some'. You should listen!!