About Us

My name is Mark. I am the owner of Mark James Creative. I started this business in November  2013 because of my love and passion for business, and I have an over-active mind that's always coming up with new and great ideas. Some of them work and some of them fail. But I never stop being Creative. My wife Janet jumped on board after we developed our first product.

Now our first product was Mark James Black Signature Sauce. That took a lot of testing and tinkering with the recipe until it was perfect. And even then we continued to play with it after production started. We decided to spice things up a bit so we added some extra cayenne pepper to our Black sauce and there was the new Mark James Red Signature Sauce.

We had the chance to hang out on a Sunday afternoon with the band Saving Abel. I always carry those sauces with me and I introduced the guys from the band to them. Scott Bartlett loved them and said we needed to get a hotter version of that sauce, more than the Red. We added Scotch Bonnet peppers to our Black sauce and the result was Mark James Sweet N Sassy.

Scott says 'You need to get some'. You should listen!!

Janet and I also met the guys from Five Finger Death Punch. We both love that band.

That is Janet and I with the guys. Awesome times. Yet when we asked them to do a quick shot for us with the sauces, this was the end result...

I guess that is better than nothing!!

After all that we decided to start expanding our business. So we started to get beef sticks and beef jerky made up using our sauces. That was February 2016. Then we expanded on the flavors in each line. Five test runs later we finally had the products we have available today. But that is never good enough, so I brainstormed five more flavors. Now we have 11 total flavors. But stop there? Nope! Now we are launching The Snack Shack line of products. First up is the Trail Mix.