Great Ideas!

Ok, everyone asks about our awesome sauces and what they are used for. Our answer is always the same...use on EVERYTHING! But that doesn't really help people out. So we started this page to help give great ideas and tips on how to use the sauce.


Meatloaf. Add it right to your ground beef or glaze your meatloaf as it is almost done


Baby Back Ribs. Use as a glaze to finish off your grilling masterpiece.


Pulled Pork/Chicken. Using your slow cooker add the sauce right in until your chicken or pork is done.


Rice. Use to add huge flavor to your rice dish, gets kids to eat it!


Chicken. No matter how you prepare your chicken it takes away bland chicken blues!!


Burgers. Add it right into the patty as you make it or use as a condiment to finish it off!


Jerky. If you like jerky like we do and you make your own you can't go wrong with it here.